A Personal Chef Service


Food Services


Weekly Meal Planning

Rates starting at $250/week

From Consult to Cooking to Cleanup!

Based on your needs and goals, we collaborate on a schedule and a weekly menu. I shop for all the groceries at your preferred store or farmer’s market and cook all the meals in your home. To cook five meals for two to four people generally takes four to six hours. After labeling and storing all the meals in your refrigerator and/or freezer with clear heating and serving instructions, I clean up everything and even take away the garbage. 

Each meal consists of an entrée and two sides. Fresh, in-season ingredients are used wherever possible.

Enjoy delicious meals customized for your dietary needs, including:

  • Gluten-free

  • Low carb

  • Heart-friendly (low sodium)

  • Mediterranean

  • Paleo

Costs for five days of meals:

For 1-2 people: $250, plus groceries and containers

For 3-4 people: $300, plus groceries and containers

For 5-6 people: $350, plus groceries and containers


Sample Menu

(No Dietary Restrictions)


Pan-seared chicken breast with lemon chive sauce, served on a bed of wild rice, with fresh green beans with walnuts, lemon and parsley


Cheese, chicken or beef enchiladas with sweet mole, served with Mexican-style beans and rice


Provencal-style short ribs with crème fraiche mashed potatoes and roasted vegetables


Fontina mushroom and pancetta lasagna with fresh steamed broccoli and homemade garlic bread


Roasted halibut with tomato saffron and cilantro with couscous and seasonal grilled vegetables

Event Catering

Rates starting at $500


Whether you’re looking for a private dinner for two or a family party, Constructed Cuisine can cater your event for up to 30 people. Contact me for a quote.